Air Filtration

PSUV Light Sterilization

Pollution Solutions offers the air purification quality needed to make your life better from the inside out…

Our superior air systems eliminate dust, dirt, and airborne microbes with leading edge UV light technologies.

Purification of Water

Pollution Solutions water purification systems can outfit all the water needs for residential, as well as, yacht & car washes, condominiums, hi-rise buildings, manufacturing plants, and industrial applications. We are the water experts and utilize the latest technology in each of our water systems:

  • On tap water purification systems
  • Under counter water purification
  • Six stage reverse osmosis
  • Shower purification
  • Water softeners
  • Sulfex filtration


Salt Service for water equipment

Filter Changes

  • Carbon Systems
  • Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • In-line Sediment
  • In-line Carbon

Technical Support